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Prescription painkiller abuse: Empowering patients to ask questions

The perils of prescription pain medications have been in the news lately. Your patients are rightly wondering what they need to know about the best way forward when they are prescribed an opioid medication.

Make a great LEAP forward with new Improving Primary Care Team Guide

Better care. Healthier patients. Happier staff. Have you ever noticed a primary care practice where clinicians and staff seem to share the work as a team and feel more joy in the practice of medicine? Did you wonder what their secret was? We did too.

Deciding when to continue care for your patients or send them to a specialist

One of the joys of being a family doctor is seeing a patient and knowing I’ll be able to help them fairly quickly, right off the bat. My patients appreciate that.

The Implementing Innovations into Practice Blog: News and opportunities from the frontlines of primary care

Primary care is changing quickly—and it’s tough to keep up with the research, information, requirements, and opportunities that fly your way. This blog was created to put primary care-related “news you can use” at your fingertips. 

Beating hypertension: How one community clinic went from worst to first

Helping patients get their high blood pressure under control is a challenging goal for primary care practices everywhere.

Healthy Hearts Northwest: Better care for your patients, MOC credit for you

Healthier patients and happier docs: now it’s possible with Healthy Hearts Northwest. Healthy Hearts Northwest is a three-year initiative to help primary care practices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho achieve better heart health outcomes, earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit, and leverage quality improvement support from skilled coaches.

Top 3 research stories of the summer

When, in whom, and how to lower cholesterol are long-standing questions. But this summer, new findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) brought to light evidence that it is reasonable and cost-effective to use a cardiovascular risk score to make a decision about starting a statin.