Welcome to Implementing Innovations into Practice, a collaboration platform designed to help primary care practices learn from each other and discover practical ways to improve care and patient health. Here you’ll find proven strategies and resources that have helped real-world primary care practices bring better care to their patients—without breaking the bank. You’ll also discover exciting opportunities to work with researchers to study and implement primary care innovations.

Migrant Clinicians Network

Health Network: Helping health centers provide continuity for mobile patients

When you care for patients who move frequently for work or other reasons, “lost to follow-up” is a well-known challenge. Learn about Health Network, a free program of Migrant Clinicians Network that serves as a bridge to potentially life-saving follow-up care for mobile patients.

Smiling child

Whole-person care: Practical ways to improve your patients' oral health

You can’t separate the mouth from the body and provide whole-person care.  If you’re not already addressing oral health, what can your clinic do?

A few of our favorite things in primary care

These are a few of our favorite things in primary care

As 2016 winds down, we’re taking a look back at the top five stories published since we launched Implementing Innovations into Practice. Each story provides practical tips your practice can use to improve care and patient health.

Tips you can give your patients to help keep their holidays healthy

Tips you can give your patients to help keep their holidays healthy

Here are some practical tips that you can use when you talk with your patients about holiday self-care.

Great  American Smokeout: Addressing Tobacco Cessation in Primary Care

Great American Smokeout: Addressing Tobacco Cessation in Primary Care

In honor of the annual November 17th Great American Smokeout, we checked in with two Oregon-based practice coaches to see what smoking cessation system changes they're working on with their clinics.

Donna Thompson, RN, MS, CEO of Access Community Network

Dissolving the walls: Connecting clinics with communities

Connecting your clinic to your communities has myriad benefits and can fill an important gap in the health care system – but how do you do it?  Learn three ways you can get started today.

Practice Coach Cullen Conway, MPH talks data with staff from Samaritan Depoe Bay Clinic, Oregon

You’re not alone: Notes from a primary care practice coach

Ever wonder what a practice facilitator can do?  An Oregon-based practice coach talks about ways that he supports primary care clinics in improving quality in their region.

Small changes, better numbers: Success with blood pressure

Where do you start, with quality improvement work?  How do you choose a place to begin?  In what ways can you know if what you're trying is successful?  This thoughtful piece describes just how one Oregon coast primary care clinic approached their quest to provide better cardiovascular care.

Doing less of what harms and more of what helps: Tackling low-value care

There is currently plenty of buzz about “low-value care” and overuse of various tests and procedures. Most agree it’s an important problem to address. But where do you start? What guiding principles should you use? Find out in the new Supporting Provider Engagement framework.

How Dr. Leana Wen’s emergency room lessons translate to primary care

At first glance, emergency medicine and primary care have very little in common. But in a book by a nationally acclaimed emergency physician, Dr. Matt Handley finds a common thread: combining evidence-based medicine with patient preferences to deliver the best possible care.