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Value not volume: Qualis Health’s new guide to clinical quality reporting

By Dona Cutsogeorge, staff author and communications coordinator at the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at Group Health Research Institute

Do you need to step up your game around clinical quality reporting?  With new requirements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the rise of value-based reimbursements tied to quality, your practice may be feeling pressure to locate the gaps in your metrics so that you can remain viable in today’s marketplace.

To provide guidance, Qualis Health has just released a practical guide for creating valid clinical quality reports: “Producing Accurate Clinical Quality Reports for Population Health: A Delivery System-Oriented Approach to Report Validation” (PDF). The guide addresses the need for primary care practices to develop accurate and valid data reports for both internal clinical quality improvement and external data reporting. Perhaps even more important, having accurate and valid reports is vital for successful participation in value-based payment models.

Getting ready for value-based payment

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services intends to aggressively transition its traditional payment models to one that would tie 85 percent of Medicare payments to quality or value by the end of 2016, and 90 percent by the end of 2018. This shift follows national efforts over the past decade to improve quality and value by optimizing the use of EHRs to capture clinical quality data, and subsequently using EHR data to manage population health.

“Practices will need to be savvier with data reporting and validation if they are to be successful in the new value-based health care environment,” says the guide’s co-author Peggy C. Evans, PhD, Vice President of Quality and Safety Initiatives at Qualis Health. “Our new guide to clinical quality reporting will help delivery systems identify clear tactics to generate and validate data reports, a big first step toward improving quality.”

The guide provides:

  • A description of the fundamental aspects of data reporting
  • A step-by-step process for identifying errors that contribute to data inaccuracy
  • Tools for validating your clinical quality reports

Download your copy today and make sure your practice is ready to take advantage of value-based payments.

Qualis Health is a national leader in improving care delivery and patient outcomes, working with clients throughout the public and private sectors to advance the quality, efficiency, and value of health care for millions of Americans every day. Their new guide to clinical quality reporting was authored by Medical Director Jeff Hummel MD, MPH, and Vice President of Quality and Safety Initiatives Peggy Evans, PhD.

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