Great  American Smokeout: Addressing Tobacco Cessation in Primary Care

Great American Smokeout: Addressing Tobacco Cessation in Primary Care

In honor of the annual November 17th Great American Smokeout, we checked in with two Oregon-based practice coaches to see what smoking cessation system changes they're working on with their clinics.

Practice Coach Cullen Conway, MPH talks data with staff from Samaritan Depoe Bay Clinic, Oregon

You’re not alone: Notes from a primary care practice coach

Ever wonder what a practice facilitator can do?  An Oregon-based practice coach talks about ways that he supports primary care clinics in improving quality in their region.

Tips you can give your patients to help keep their holidays healthy

Tips you can give your patients to help keep their holidays healthy

Here are some practical tips that you can use when you talk with your patients about holiday self-care.

Small changes, better numbers: Success with blood pressure

Where do you start, with quality improvement work?  How do you choose a place to begin?  In what ways can you know if what you're trying is successful?  This thoughtful piece describes just how one Oregon coast primary care clinic approached their quest to provide better cardiovascular care.

ABCS saves lives: 4 steps to help you use the metrics in your practice

Research shows that using the ABCS measures is a powerful way to prevent deaths from cardiac-related conditions. Here are four practical steps you can take to work ABCS into your practice’s day-to-day care.

Not just alphabet soup: 4 ABCS to improve your patients’ heart health

If 70 percent of patients with high blood pressure were treated according to ABCS cardiovascular risk guidelines, 46,000 lives could be saved each year. Learn how to implement ABCS in your practice in a free webinar this April.

How to help your patients make healthy food choices this holiday season

It’s holiday time. And with the holidays come a million opportunities to indulge in delicious, but sometimes unhealthy, foods. It can be a particularly challenging time for people with high blood pressure who are trying their best to make healthy food choices.

Healthy Hearts Northwest: Better care for your patients, MOC credit for you

Healthier patients and happier docs: now it’s possible with Healthy Hearts Northwest. Healthy Hearts Northwest is a three-year initiative to help primary care practices in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho achieve better heart health outcomes, earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit, and leverage quality improvement support from skilled coaches.

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