The Implementing Innovations into Practice Blog: News and opportunities from the frontlines of primary care

By Jessica Ridpath, blog editor and senior research communications consultant at Group Health Research Institute Primary care is changing quickly—and it’s tough to keep up with all the new research, information, requirements, and opportunities that fly your way. This blog was created to put primary care-related “news you can use” at your fingertips. Here’s what you’ll find in our posts: Implementing innovations into practice success stories From cardiovascular care to value-based payment, primary care practices in our region are finding innovative ways to bring better care to their patients. Read the success stories they’ve shared, and find out how your practice can adapt their strategies to your setting. Learning opportunities Want to learn more about how to use research evidence to improve primary care? These stories will help make sure you’re getting the scoop on current research findings, and how to apply them in your practice. Ways to improve care and financial performance Providing the best possible care while maintaining a healthy financial outlook is something that most primary care practices struggle to achieve. Our stories will help you tap into national initiatives and resources to improve quality and health outcomes—while making progress toward your financial goals. Opportunities to get involved From Alaska to Wyoming and beyond, regional initiatives are giving primary care practices unprecedented opportunities to learn from each other, engage in innovative research, and improve the care they provide. These stories will help you learn about and take advantage of opportunities that are right for your practice. Share your story and let us know what you think This blog is all about sharing stories and learning from each other. We want to hear your comments, suggestions, questions, and success stories. If you read something you like or want to learn more about, or if you have a success story to share, please leave a comment or email our editorial staff. (Commenting requires the set up of a quick and easy login. Your contact information will be kept private.) We look forward to hearing from you!

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