Jay Brook, Executive Director of High Plains Community Health Center in Lamar, Colorado

Enhancing the role of the medical assistant

By Dona Cutsogeorge, staff author and communications coordinator at the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at Group Health Research Institute

Medical assistants: they’re ubiquitous. They are employed by almost every ambulatory clinical care practice, and every primary care practice. Expansion of the MA role is a crucial early focus when transitioning to team-based care.

Watch the Clinical Workforce Training webinar, Enhancing the role of the medical assistant,” to hear from a small, remarkable clinic that has woven medical assistants into their care approach.

High Plains Community Health Center is located in the rural desert community of Lamar, Colorado—120 miles from the closest mall. High Plains conducts 40,000 medical, dental and behavioral patient visits annually in a catchment area with 12,000 people, and it’s a Level III Patient-Centered Medical Home.

High Plains and its Executive Director Jay Brook were recently featured in Forbes magazine for the development of their innovative team care model.

Learn more about High Plains Community Health Center in this video that describes the setting of the Center, and the work performed by health coaches for their population-facing economic and health challenges.

The Clinical Workforce Training webinars were produced by the Weitzman Institute in collaboration with Community Health Center, Inc. and the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation. Comprised of eight events, the series offers practical lessons learned directly from the innovative providers that inspired the Improving Primary Care Team Guide.

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