Three women talking—Don’t Be Lonely: How to Fight Burnout Through Team-Based Care

Don’t be lonely: How to fight burnout through team-based care

In the latest article from Implementing Innovations into Practice, Atul Gawande, MD, says it's the slow, steady work of primary care doctors working in teams who improve health outcomes. It addresses these two key questions: How do you set up such a team? How do you avoid burning out the very providers whose care can make such a difference?

Medical assistants

Too much to do? Look to your medical assistants in this new training program

Primary care practices are changing from physician-centered organizations (“only I can do it”) to patient-focused teams.  Is your practice making full use of your medical assistants?  

Donna Thompson, RN, MS, CEO of Access Community Network

Dissolving the walls: Connecting clinics with communities

Connecting your clinic to your communities has myriad benefits and can fill an important gap in the health care system – but how do you do it?  Learn three ways you can get started today.

Enhancing the role of the medical assistant

By Dona Cutsogeorge, staff author and communications coordinator at the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at Group Health Research Institute

Medical assistants: they’re ubiquitous. They are employed by almost every ambulatory clinical care practice, and every primary care practice. Expansion of the MA role is a crucial early focus when transitioning to team-based care.

Can Mindfulness Training Help Ease Clinician Burnout?

Like many primary care professionals, Dr. Elizabeth Lin was feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. But all that changed when she discovered mindfulness training. Learn how mindfulness can make your work more manageable and rewarding.

Not just alphabet soup: 4 ABCS to improve your patients’ heart health

If 70 percent of patients with high blood pressure were treated according to ABCS cardiovascular risk guidelines, 46,000 lives could be saved each year. Learn how to implement ABCS in your practice in a free webinar this April.

8 free webinars on team-based care to guide your primary care practice

Moving toward a team-based model of care is an essential component of primary care transformation. But how does your practice get started? What specific steps do you need to take? Check out this free webinar series to learn how practices like yours have successfully transitioned to team-based care.

Earn CME credit while learning about patient-centered research

Have you ever wanted to learn more about patient-centered outcomes research and how you can get involved? Here’s your chance: a free webinar from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute titled "The Role of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in the Current Healthcare Landscape: Setting the Stage CME/CE.”

How to help your patients make healthy food choices this holiday season

It’s holiday time. And with the holidays come a million opportunities to indulge in delicious, but sometimes unhealthy, foods. It can be a particularly challenging time for people with high blood pressure who are trying their best to make healthy food choices.

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