Connecting Community Members and Primary Care Providers with Resources

How can community health workers and primary care providers work together to improve the health of their patients? Find out in this Q&A with Juli Gregory, RN, Education Director and Directory of ConneXions at Group Shepherd Medical Center.

How to fight the opioid epidemic

The president of the AMA has called for action to combat deaths from opioids. What can your practice do to respond to the opioid epidemic? One of the nation’s top opioid safety researchers, Dr. Michael Von Korff, offers a specific plan.

ABCS saves lives: 4 steps to help you use the metrics in your practice

Research shows that using the ABCS measures is a powerful way to prevent deaths from cardiac-related conditions. Here are four practical steps you can take to work ABCS into your practice’s day-to-day care.

Behavioral health integration: What does it really mean in primary care?

Integrating behavioral health into primary care is more than just hiring a staff member who’s licensed to provide specialized services. It means restructuring your team. In this Q&A, Dr. Ed Wagner explains why the distinction is critical.

Choosing Wisely Action Manual: Your guide to reducing low-value care

If you work in primary care, you’ve probably heard of Choosing Wisely—a national initiative to reduce the overuse of wasteful or potentially harmful tests and procedures. Learn how your practice can join the effort with the Choosing Wisely Action Manual.

6 building blocks for safe, team-based opioid prescribing in primary care

The Team-Based Opioid Management project offers resources and tools that support safer opioid prescribing, including the "Six Building Blocks" - the core components of safe, team-based opioid prescribing that have been implemented successfully in primary care settings across the country.

New toolkit guides shared decision making in primary care

Shared decision making (SDM) is gaining traction as a strategy for improving care and patient outcomes while lowering costs. But how do you implement SDM in primary care? Learn how in a new toolkit from the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network.

Closing the Knowledge Gap on Prevention in Pediatrics

When physicians nationwide recommend routine screening tests during well-child visits, most parents assume the tests have been scientifically proven to improve children’s health. That is, the kids tested will experience more benefit than harm.

Prescription painkiller abuse: Empowering patients to ask questions

The perils of prescription pain medications have been in the news lately. Your patients are rightly wondering what they need to know about the best way forward when they are prescribed an opioid medication.

Make a great LEAP forward with new Improving Primary Care Team Guide

Better care. Healthier patients. Happier staff. Have you ever noticed a primary care practice where clinicians and staff seem to share the work as a team and feel more joy in the practice of medicine? Did you wonder what their secret was? We did too.

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